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What Is Kajabi? 2023 Review of the #1 Platform to Create Online Courses (Everything You Need To Know)

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What Is Kajabi? 2023 Review of the #1 Platform to Create Online Courses (Everything You Need To Know)

What Is Kajabi? 2023 Review (Everything You Need to Know)

Hi, I'm María Cristal! If you're considering starting an online business or looking to level up as an online entrepreneur, you need to know about Kajabi. In this review, I'll explain all the details and get you up to speed.

What is an online business or digital business?

You might be wondering, what is an online business? It's a business that operates on the internet, attracting customers, offering products or services, staying connected, and closing deals. Everything happens online! It's a fantastic tool that allows you to use your knowledge, experience, and skills to find happiness, abundance, and live life on your own terms.

Why should you start an online business?

You may wonder why you should start an online business. Let me break it down for you in simple terms:

  • Your life experience brings value. You have unique insights and expertise that can make a real difference to others.
  • You can create info-products and services that people genuinely need and find valuable. This helps you establish yourself as an expert in your specific niche.
  • Imagine offering courses, coaching, mentorship, workshops, conferences, and books based on your own life experience.
  • The exciting part is that you can set up your business to run on autopilot, making sales every day to customers worldwide.
  • The best part? You get to see your clients grow, find fulfillment, and thrive while making a living doing what truly ignites your passion.

Creating your online business the perfect path to share your wisdom, make a meaningful impact, and live a life you love.


What can you sell with your online business?

Now, let's talk about what you can sell. With your valuable knowledge, you can offer various goods and services to meet the needs of your audience:

  1. Ebooks: These are handy guides that you can offer either for free or at a price.
  2. Audio or video courses: You have different options here.
    • You can record courses with screen presentations (voice-only), face the camera directly, or even mix it up with a blend of presentation and interactive elements. Once recorded, you can upload them to platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, or even a private platform like  
  3. Templates and formats: People love shortcuts! They want ready-made templates and formats to get started quickly.
  4. Live webinars: Engage with your audience in real-time through free or paid webinars.
  5. Group mentorship: Gather a group of eager learners and guide them together on their journey.
  6. 1:1 mentorship: For those seeking more personalized attention and support, you can offer individual mentorship that requires a bit more from you.
  7. Club or membership: Create a monthly payment structure that grants access to a community where members can connect, learn, and grow together.
  8. Mastermind group: Lead a collaborative and focused learning experience for like-minded individuals.

Remember, it's essential to have knowledge, substance, and experience in your field to sustain a successful online business. Your expertise sets you apart and attracts those eager for your wisdom.

How to create your online business?

Let's discuss creating your online business. It surprises me how many people make it harder than it needs to be. Imagine this scenario:

You're trying to piece together 15 different tools like Frankenstein's monster.

Believe me, I've been there too. Dealing with countless plugins, struggling to connect them on WordPress, juggling separate logins and support chats, and dealing with monthly digital invoices.

Suddenly, that dream of an online business that promised ultimate freedom turns into a source of frustration.

But guess what? I found a way out of that madness.

But I found a way out of that madness, with Kajabi. I automated my business, Faraso, with essential features like funnels, sales pages, online courses, email marketing, website, and CRM. The best part? It's all in one place! It's like an ecosystem where everything I need to grow and scale my business coexists peacefully. No more tech breakdowns or complicated integrations. Once you experience the convenience of Kajabi, there's no turning back.

So, let's make things easier for you and embrace the simplicity of Kajabi. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a smoother digital business journey. Trust me, you won't regret it.


What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is the ultimate all-in-one tool for your online business. Whether you want to run your business, create content, sell courses, offer memberships, provide community coaching, or host podcasts, Kajabi is the perfect platform for all these needs.

It makes life easier for online entrepreneurs as educators, content creators, and business owners. Whether you're starting out or already a digital entrepreneur, Kajabi is the ideal solution for building a knowledge-based business.

With Kajabi, you get access to an all-in-one platform designed for coaches, consultants, experts, online educators, and anyone who shares knowledge and experience to transform lives. Whether you're a speaker, teacher, psychologist, therapist, nutritionist, trainer, meditation teacher, yoga instructor, dance instructor, parenting expert, artist, music teacher, art instructor, cooking guru, gardening pro, or craft enthusiast, Kajabi has got you covered.

If you're an expert in your field, Kajabi is the platform for you.

Not only can you create your online course platform or school with Kajabi, but you can also market and sell products individually or as part of a membership site. It offers website building, online video hosting, audio playback, email marketing, sales funnels, analytics, CRM, and more. It's a user-friendly platform that allows customization according to your needs.

While there are other tools available in the market, such as Teachable, Thinkific, ClickFunnels, Kartra,, Hotmart, and SamCart, Kajabi  stands out as the most integrated digital course platform. It offers a user-friendly interface and allows you to customize your business according to your specific needs.

Thousands of course creators, including big names like Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard, Billy Gene, James Wedmore, and Jenna Kutcher, trust Kajabi.

If you haven't given Kajabi a try yet, I've got something special just for you. Instead of the regular 14-day free trial, you can enjoy an extended 30-day trial by using my affiliate link, By signing up through my link, you'll also receive my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course as a gift from me. Should you choose to continue using Kajabi as a paying user, I'll receive support from Kajabi for referring you. As a token of my appreciation, you'll receive additional bonuses to help you launch and grow your business, and the best part is, it won't cost you a dime!


Is Kajabi for you? Is Kajabi the right fit for you?

Kajabi is perfect if you're looking to grow and enhance your online business (whether you're just starting out or not). Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You've struggled with building your website and setting up email marketing.
  • Technical tasks like integrating software tools or fixing plugins frustrate you.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the technical side of your business or lack reliable support.
  • You're paying for multiple digital tools and want to reduce costs.
  • You want to leverage your knowledge and expertise by transitioning online or improving your existing online teaching.
  • You're ready to take your business to the next level with professional websites and sales funnels.
  • You're concerned about finances but understand the value Kajabi offers in reducing costs and time spent managing different tools.
  • You want to be on a platform that constantly innovates and offers new features.

If any of these points resonate with you, I'm glad you're here because I understand the challenges. I've been there too.


What can you do with Kajabi? 

Let's explore EVERYTHING you can do Kajabi. Today, I'll show you how Kajabi can help you run your online business with a complete tour and review inside the platform so you get to see all the powerful features to boost your businesss. Kajabi constantly adds new features to make business management easier.

Now, let's take a closer look. Inside Kajabi, you can:

  • Design and host courses
  • Send and automate email campaigns
  • Accept payments and set up affiliate programs
  • Create 1-click upsells and downsells
  • Build a website and marketing funnel
  • Create a blog
  • Offer a community
  • Enable coaching capabilities
  • Host and distribute podcasts
  • Access the code editor
  • Utilize the mobile app

These features make Kajabi a well-rounded platform that offers robust capabilities while maintaining versatility. Many people choose Kajabi for its comprehensive features.

Let’s get inside the platform.

But before we begin, if you are considering giving Kajabi a shot, I have an incredible offer just for you! Forget about the standard 14-day free trial, because with my affiliate link,, you can enjoy an exclusive 30-day trial. And that's not all! When you sign up through my link, I'll also throw in my Kajabi Kickstart course as a special gift. Plus, if you decide to become a paying user of Kajabi, I'll receive support from them for referring you. And you'll receive amazing additional bonuses to help you succeed in launching and scaling your business. The best part? It won't cost you a single penny!


Now, let’s dive in.



Once you log in, you'll be welcomed by a user-friendly dashboard, which is pretty cool. It gives you a quick snapshot of important information. You'll immediately see:

  • the number of leads who have opted in over the last 30 days, which is a key metric for Your business. It's definitely something you want to keep an eye on.
  • You'll also have visibility into your sales, the number of new customers you've acquired in that period,
  • and even the comments from people who are engaging with your products. It's fantastic that people can interact with what you have to offer!



Web Design or Website Creation

Building a website has never been easier with Kajabi's user-friendly website builder. You don't need to be a web design pro to create a stunning site in minutes. The best part is that Kajabi gives you everything you need for your website in one place, including the website builder and hosting.

With the drag-and-drop sections, customizing your site is a breeze. Choose your favorite colors and themes, and enhance your site as you go. Add call-to-action buttons, image galleries, features, testimonials, and more. Each block is fully adjustable, allowing you to change text, buttons, background images, and even embed videos. Kajabi's website builder offers flexibility without the need for technical expertise.

Previewing your site on different devices is easy, ensuring it looks amazing on desktop, mobile, and tablets. Choose from a range of themes and templates in the template store, starting with a template and personalizing it to your liking. Kajabi's website builder is a dream come true for non-techy folks. It's affordable and reliable, making it a fantastic option for building your website from scratch or hosting an existing one. 

Kajabi's website builder is just like popular online editors such as Squarespace, Wix, or Elementor for WordPress. It provides all the basic features you need to build an entire website or blog.

You can set up a custom domain, configure DNS and email settings, and even have different themes for different products. The intuitive web builder application allows for click-and-edit customization, and the Pro plan opens up additional customization options with the code editor. 

Kajabi constantly updates and adds new features to their web builder, ensuring there are always fresh options to take advantage of. Each Kajabi site is given a custom domain name, giving your brand a unique identity. Themes are the foundation of a website, and Kajabi offers pre-installed themes that you can use straight away or modify to meet your specific needs.

With Kajabi's site design and customization features, you can:

  • update colors,
  • menus,
  • headings,
  • logos,
  • login pages,
  • 404 pages,
  • favicons,
  • and more.

Submitting a new theme is simple, and once you've selected or customized your template, you can publish it with ease.

Kajabi also provides pre-built page templates for various page designs, such as:

  • announcements,
  • about,
  • store,
  • member directory,
  • contact,
  • blog,
  • blog post,
  • library,
  • 404,
  • login,
  • thank you,
  • landing page
  • and more.

While Kajabi doesn't have its own native hosting platform for webinars, you can use third-party tools like Streamyard, Zoom, WebinarJam or Ever Webinar and embed them within Kajabi.

Whether you're starting from scratch or hosting an existing website, Kajabi's website builder is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and create an incredible online presence. It's hassle-free, feature-rich, and designed to help you succeed. Say goodbye to the complexities of website creation and embrace the simplicity of Kajabi's website builder.

Ready to launch your online course? Experience the power of Kajabi with an extended 30-day trial instead of the usual 14 days. Use my affiliate link,, and unlock my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course as a gift. Plus, you'll receive extra bonuses to help you create and sell your course. It's free, so why wait?


Landing Pages.

With Kajabi, launching powerful and flexible landing pages is a breeze. Say goodbye to separate lead page software because Kajabi includes all your landing pages within its platform.

Creating a new landing page is simple.

  1. Just click "new landing page"
  2. and choose a template or start from scratch.
  3. You have the freedom to customize the theme and design to match your style.

Whether you need a sales page, webinar registration page, or lead magnet subscription page, Kajabi has you covered.

The best part is that you have unlimited landing pages at your disposal. These standalone pages focus on specific goals without distractions, allowing you to capture leads, promote events, offer free guides, and more. You can even upload videos to your landing pages to make them more engaging. 

Even if you have your own website hosted elsewhere, you can still utilize Kajabi's Landing Pages for free. This gives you the flexibility to create pages for book launches, live events, opt-ins, and other special offers. Having unlimited landing pages allows you to tailor your messaging and design to each specific purpose.

Take advantage of Kajabi's powerful landing page builder to convert visitors into leads, expand your mailing list, boost purchases, and increase engagement. You can collect email addresses and build relationships with your audience by providing valuable information through lead magnet downloads, such as free eBooks or resources.

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Online Course or Digital Products Creation. 

Kajabi is a powerhouse when it comes to creating and selling digital products. It provides a wide range of features and tools that can help you build and monetize your online courses and other digital offerings.

Course creation is a standout feature in Kajabi.

  • You can easily create and sell various digital products like online courses, ebooks, training programs, and more.
  • The platform allows you to package your knowledge and deliver it in a structured and engaging manner.
  • Courses are organized into modules or units, with each containing multiple lessons.
  • You can incorporate multimedia elements such as videos, audios, PDFs, and quizzes to enhance the learning experience.
  • Students can access your digital products from anywhere, at their own pace. 

Beyond courses, Kajabi offers additional product options like podcasts, communities, and coaching programs. Each of these products comes with its own set of features to help you share your expertise and connect with your audience. Whether you're looking to host a podcast, create a membership community, or offer coaching services, Kajabi has the tools to support you.

The course builder in Kajabi is a standout feature.

  • It provides customization options and themes to create a tailored course experience.
  • You can choose from predefined templates or design your own using the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Kajabi's gamification features, such as their Gamify themes, allow you to reward students with badges as they progress through the course, making the learning process interactive and enjoyable. 

Managing your course content is seamless with Kajabi's content management system.

  • You can easily upload and organize your course materials.
  • Create assessments and quizzes to test your students' knowledge
  • And set up smart automation based on their performance.

Kajabi also offers unlimited video hosting, allowing you to seamlessly upload and stream your course videos without worrying about bandwidth or storage limits.

When it comes to selling your digital products, Kajabi has you covered. The sales section provides tools for setting up pricing, payment options, and the checkout process. Kajabi takes care of the technical aspects, enabling you to focus on delivering your content and generating sales.


Kajabi’s Mobile App

Kajabi not only excels in course creation and sales but also offers a mobile app for easy access to your products on the go. With the Kajabi mobile app, your students can conveniently access their purchased courses and engage with the content anytime, anywhere.

As one of the pioneers in the industry, Kajabi was among the first online course platforms to launch a mobile app. To encourage your students to use the app, you can direct them to their app store to download the Kajabi app. If you prefer a branded app with your own branding, an additional cost of $199 per month is required. 

It's important to note that the Kajabi mobile app is primarily designed for students, so you won't be able to access your admin dashboard or publish new content from the app. However, you can use the Kajabi Creator app to receive notifications on new sales, opt-ins, and manage your contacts. 

In today's mobile-driven world, the Kajabi mobile app sets it apart from the competition. It offers a top-notch user experience, allowing your students to access and consume your content conveniently wherever they are. With mobile content playing a crucial role in engagement, the Kajabi mobile app ensures that your programs are easily accessible and consumable on various devices.


Certificates & Quizzes

Kajabi enhances the learning experience with Certificates & Quizzes.

  • Customize course certificates with your logo and background image, and automate actions when certificates are sent.
  • Revamped quizzes include graded and ungraded questions, preview options, and explanations for answers.

Quizzes measure progress and offer valuable feedback. Use them at section ends to assess understanding and personalize learning. Kajabi empowers effective and engaging education.

Overall, Kajabi provides a comprehensive suite of tools to create, sell, and deliver digital products. From course creation and customization to seamless sales and mobile access, Kajabi simplifies the entire process, allowing you to focus on sharing your expertise and growing your online business. So, let your creativity flow and start building your digital empire with Kajabi.


Ready to unleash the potential of Kajabi? Try it now with an extended 30-day trial, courtesy of my affiliate link, By joining through my link, you'll unlock exclusive access to my Kajabi Kickstart course as a special thank-you. If you choose to continue as a paying user, Kajabi will support me, and you'll receive additional bonuses to supercharge your business journey. And the best part? It's absolutely free!


Kajabi Communities

Kajabi has recently taken its Community feature to the next level after acquiring Vibely in 2022. Now, within the Kajabi platform, users can seamlessly leverage this specialist platform to enhance your community engagement and foster meaningful interactions.

Let's dive into the exciting capabilities of the new Kajabi Community:

  • Create different channels, known as Circles, to facilitate group conversations that provide a Facebook group-like experience.
  • Organize events, meetups, and live online sessions directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external tools like Zoom.
  • Keep your community connected on the go with the Kajabi mobile app.
  • Gamify your community by introducing a Leaderboard and challenges, encouraging active participation and fostering a sense of community spirit.
  • Conduct live video calls for real-time interactions.
  • Seamlessly communicate through newsfeeds, chats, and direct messages.
  • Effortlessly manage events with RSVP functionality for hassle-free organization.
  • Recognize community engagement and contributions with a member directory and leaderboard.

 But what truly sets Kajabi Communities apart is its integration with your coaching, courses, and other content. Say goodbye to additional fees, multiple logins, and the confusion of managing multiple platforms. Kajabi Communities seamlessly merge with your existing content, allowing you to nurture a vibrant community while focusing on what matters most—delivering exceptional value to your audience.

With the Vibely acquisition and the integration of its powerful community product into Kajabi, a new era of "Kajabi Communities" has dawned. Engage with your audience, facilitate interactive learning, and unlock the full potential of your community within the Kajabi ecosystem. It's time to elevate your online business and create a thriving community that thrives alongside your content.

Ready to build and nurture your own thriving community? Kajabi has the perfect solution for you! Try it now with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, By signing up, you'll not only gain access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course but also unlock the ability to create and grow your community within Kajabi's powerful platform. And if you decide to continue, you'll receive additional bonuses to support your community-building journey. Start connecting with your tribe—for free!


Kajabi Podcasts

Kajabi is your go-to solution for podcasting. They provide a seamless platform for hosting and distributing your podcast, saving you time and money. Forget about paying for other platforms because Kajabi becomes your all-in-one podcast host. 

Getting started with Kajabi is simple:

  1. Record your episodes.
  2. Upload them to the platform.
  3. Kajabi takes care of distributing your podcast to popular platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, and more.

They handle the technical side so that you can focus on creating amazing content. The best part is, you can offer both free and paid podcast options. Engage your audience with a free podcast, and provide exclusive content or bonus episodes as a paid offering. It's a fantastic way to monetize your podcast and deliver extra value to your listeners. 

With Kajabi's podcasting features, you have everything you need:

  • Easily import your existing podcast into Kajabi hassle-free.
  • Publish your episodes on all major podcast platforms.
  • Enhance your episodes with show notes, transcripts, and eye-catching episode thumbnails.
  • Create private podcasts exclusively for your members.
  • Embed your podcast on any website or blog to expand your reach.
  • Gain valuable insights with comprehensive analytics and detailed performance tracking.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies publishing and podcast management.

Kajabi Podcasts, introduced in 2021, revolutionizes the podcasting experience. It eliminates the need for other hosting platforms like, Buzzsprout, or Libsyn. You can now centralize your podcasting efforts within the Kajabi platform, automating distribution to popular listening platforms. Even free podcasts have a dedicated space on your Kajabi site. 

If you're interested in offering a paid podcast, Kajabi's Offers feature has you covered. Sell access to your podcast through a private podcast feed, opening up new monetization opportunities.

Keep in mind that Kajabi Podcasts products count towards your account's Product allowance, so be sure to review the pricing section for more information.

With Kajabi, podcasting becomes a seamless and efficient process. From hosting to distribution, they provide all the tools you need. So bring your podcast to Kajabi today and leverage their powerful features to grow your audience and monetize your content effectively.

Want to take your podcast to the next level? Try Kajabi now with an exclusive 30-day trial using my affiliate link, When you sign up, you'll not only get access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course but also unlock powerful podcast hosting capabilities. And if you decide to continue, you'll receive extra bonuses to elevate your podcasting journey. It's time to share your voice—for free!


Kajabi Coaching

Kajabi offers more than just courses. If you're a coach, they have an amazing coaching product built-in. With Kajabi's coaching feature, you can easily create coaching programs or individual sessions for your clients. It's like having a complete coaching platform within Kajabi.

When you create a coaching product, your clients get a dedicated coaching portal where they can log in and connect with you. The best part is that Kajabi has integrated video conferencing capabilities, so you don't need additional tools like Zoom. Everything is conveniently tied to their Kajabi account. You can have coaching sessions, take notes, share files, and even schedule calls right within the coaching portal.

You have options when it comes to scheduling. You can sync your scheduling app if you prefer, or use Kajabi's built-in scheduler that syncs directly with your calendar. This integration makes scheduling sessions with your clients a breeze, saving you time and money.

You can sell your coaching services as a Kajabi offer and track your sales just like any other product.

 Are you a coach looking to scale your offerings? With Kajabi, you can easily run both one-on-one and one-to-many coaching programs. The integrated sales and marketing tools will allow you to reach more clients and grow your business.

Here are some key features of Kajabi's coaching program:

  • Book coaching sessions up to 12 months in advance and include time buffers for seamless planning.
  • Easily add individual sessions to your existing coaching packages without creating new products. (Payments are currently not supported for added sessions.)
  • Build custom coaching packages tailored to your clients' needs.
  • Create automated marketing campaigns to attract and engage potential clients.
  • Process payments seamlessly within the platform.
  • Schedule meetings with ease, whether through an integrated scheduling system or by connecting with your preferred booking system.
  • Host live calls within the coaching portal for real-time interactions.
  • Share resources, such as documents or worksheets, to support your coaching sessions.
  • Send follow-up emails to provide additional guidance and support.

Kajabi's coaching feature integrates with Google Calendar and Calendly, allowing you to schedule sessions with your clients without the need for an additional calendaring tool. This integration saves you both time and money.

With Kajabi Coaching, you have the tools to deliver exceptional coaching programs and meet the growing demand in the coaching industry. Keep your coaching in Kajabi, track individual progress, and provide a seamless experience for your clients.

It's time to take your coaching to the next level with Kajabi's comprehensive coaching solution.

Ready to launch your coaching program? Discover the all-in-one platform for coaches—Kajabi! Start with an extended 30-day trial through my affiliate link,, and gain access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course, tailor-made for coaches like you. Plus, by continuing with Kajabi, you'll receive ongoing support while enjoying additional bonuses to optimize your coaching program. Get started today for free!


Kajabi Blogging

With Kajabi, you can take your blogging game to the next level. They offer a tool called Kajabi Blog that allows you to create beautiful and optimized blog posts right within the platform.

Setting up your own blog in Kajabi is a breeze. The interface is user-friendly, and you can easily create engaging blog posts and add content using the built-in text editor.

What's great about Kajabi blogging is that it also provides some SEO elements to boost your visibility, such as customizable post titles, post descriptions, and featured images. You can optimize your posts to attract more readers and drive traffic to your website. 

But that's not all. Kajabi's blogging feature offers additional functionalities too. You can add opt-in forms to capture leads, incorporate elements in the sidebar for enhanced navigation, and even categorize your blog posts for better organization.

Having a blog is a crucial aspect of content marketing, and Kajabi understands that. They've made it possible for course creators to manage their blogs within the platform. You can have a dedicated 'Blog' page that lists all your posts, and creating and editing posts is as seamless as it is on WordPress. 

Kajabi's Blog feature provides everything you need to create and manage a blog effectively. From easily creating and editing posts to scheduling future publications, adding tags, and organizing your content, Kajabi has got your back.

So, if you're looking for a comprehensive solution that covers all your blogging needs, Kajabi's fantastic blogging features are here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to amplify your blogging game? Dive into Kajabi with an extended 30-day trial, courtesy of my affiliate link, Sign up today and gain access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course, designed to help you create compelling blog content. Plus, by continuing with Kajabi, you'll receive additional bonuses to supercharge your blogging success. Don't miss this chance to blog like a pro—for free!


Selling your Products: Offers and Checkouts

When it comes to selling your products, Kajabi has you covered with its convenient Products and Offers sections. Let's break it down.

Creating a product in Kajabi automatically generates an offer for you. This offer serves as your sales pitch and can be customized with pricing, checkout processes, and upsells. You have the freedom to sell your product at different price points, create bundles, or offer exclusive discounts for special occasions.


Customizing your offer is a piece of cake.

  • You can edit the details,
  • add a catchy product thumbnail,
  • and set up automations to engage your customers.

Automations allow you to automate actions based on your customer's purchase, such as sending onboarding email sequences to guide them.

What's really cool is that offers can include multiple products. This opens up endless possibilities for creating bundles and packages, giving your customers more value and choices.

Having separate products and offers allows you to keep track of sales, test different pricing strategies, and provide a personalized buying experience. It's like having your own virtual store with limitless opportunities. 

Kajabi makes it easy to set up one-click upsells and downsells. After a customer makes a purchase, you can present them with irresistible upgrade offers or additional products right on the checkout page. This maximizes sales opportunities and increases revenue effortlessly.

Upsells and downsells work like sales ninjas, appearing at the perfect moment to offer more value and exclusive deals. With just one click, your customers can take advantage of these offers without any hassle.

Kajabi provides analytics to track the performance of your sales strategies, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your revenue.

Kajabi's checkout process is straightforward. You create an offer with customizable pricing options and set up a specific checkout. While the checkout design is limited, it is conversion-optimized for better results.

Kajabi also offers discount coupons, which are effective for attracting customers and boosting sales. You can customize the type, duration, and conditions of the discount to suit your needs.

Another exciting feature is the "Pay what you want" option, allowing customers to choose their price at or above your set minimum. This can be a great way to test market demand, attract more customers, and build brand affinity.

In a nutshell, Kajabi provides all the tools you need to effectively sell your products. From customizable offers to one-click upsells and downsells, you have the power to maximize your sales opportunities and generate more revenue. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, experiment with different strategies, and watch your sales soar.

Ready to skyrocket your revenue with strategic offers and pricing options? Look no further than Kajabi! Experience the possibilities with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, By joining, you'll unlock my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course and gain access to powerful features that allow you to create enticing bundles, packages, upsells, downsells, and more—all designed to maximize your revenue. Plus, if you decide to continue, you'll receive additional bonuses to boost your sales game. Increase your revenue potential—for free! 


Forms and Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, Kajabi offers powerful features to help you grow your email list and capture valuable leads for your marketing efforts.

In the marketing section of Kajabi, you'll find opt-in forms that allow you to create compelling forms to capture people's email addresses. These forms serve as lead capture tools, enabling you to turn website visitors into subscribers. You have the flexibility to customize these forms and offer lead magnets or freebies to entice visitors to sign up.

Kajabi keeps track of everyone who signs up through these forms, making it easy for you to manage your leads and stay organized. You'll have all the information you need to follow up with your subscribers and nurture them effectively.


Email Marketing and Segmentation.

When it comes to email marketing and segmentation, Kajabi has got you covered. They offer an all-in-one solution that simplifies the entire process, saving you time and effort.

With Kajabi's integrated email system, you can easily send engaging emails using their ready-made templates and best practices to ensure your messages land in the inbox, not the spam folder. You can customize these templates to match your brand and create visually appealing emails that captivate your audience.

But it doesn't stop there. Kajabi's email campaigns feature allows you to stay connected with your subscribers. You can nurture them with valuable content and promotions, all within the powerful email system. It's like having a personal assistant taking care of your email game.

Segmentation is another game-changer offered by Kajabi. The platform automatically sorts your contacts based on their interests, opt-ins, or product ownership. This segmentation feature enables you to send targeted emails to specific groups, whether you want to re-engage inactive subscribers or reach out to those who purchased a particular product. Kajabi's segmentation saves you time and ensures your emails hit the mark.

But wait, there's more! You can create email sequences, also known as email funnels, to welcome new subscribers, provide value, and ultimately pitch your products or services. Setting up these sequences is a breeze with Kajabi's scheduling feature, allowing you to track opens, click rates, and ensure your subscribers receive the right emails at the right time.

What's even better is Kajabi's auto segmentation feature. It automatically segments your subscribers based on the forms they opt into, grouping them based on their interests or lead magnets. This personalization allows you to deliver targeted content and enhance the customer experience.

With Kajabi's email marketing and segmentation features, you can engage with your audience effectively and deliver content that truly matters to them. Say goodbye to complicated email systems and hello to simplicity and effectiveness with Kajabi.

Keep in mind that while Kajabi's email system is powerful, it may not have the advanced capabilities of a fully-fledged CRM like ActiveCampaign. However, for 95% of course creators, Kajabi's system is more than sufficient to manage and automate their email marketing.

So, start leveraging the power of Kajabi's email marketing tools, automate your campaigns, and watch your business thrive. It's time to take your email game to the next level with Kajabi.

As of 2023, experience the enhanced version of the page and email builder, designed to make your workflow faster and smoother. Check out the exciting updates:

  • Enjoy 10x faster load times when building and editing website pages and emails, so you can accomplish tasks in a snap.
  • Navigate seamlessly with a convenient navigation bar at the top of each builder, allowing you to preview, edit, and save changes effortlessly.
  • Benefit from an adjustable left-hand sidebar that provides a more intuitive editing experience, making it easier to access and customize elements.
  • Never worry about losing your progress with the new undo and redo buttons, ensuring that your hard work is always protected.

Take your email marketing to new heights with Kajabi's powerful features! Unlock the potential with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, By signing up, you'll not only gain access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course but also unleash the power of their email marketing and segmentation capabilities. Easily create captivating emails using their ready-made templates or customize them to match your brand. With automated segmentation, you can send targeted emails to specific groups based on interests, opt-ins, or product ownership. Whether you need email sequences or broadcast emails, Kajabi has you covered. Start captivating your audience—for free!



Let's dive into the exciting world of analytics with Kajabi. They offer robust tracking and reporting features that provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Kajabi's analytics dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your business's performance. You can easily monitor metrics such as:

  • net revenue
  • subscription health
  • opt-ins
  • page views
  • recurring revenue,
  • and even track how your affiliates are performing.

It's all neatly organized in a user-friendly interface, giving you a quick snapshot of your business's health.

With Kajabi's analytics, you can go beyond surface-level data and dive deep into specific reports. For example, you can analyze page views to see which landing pages are generating the most traffic. You can track student progress by examining quiz scores and video performance, giving you insights into how well your students are engaging with your content.

Video analytics allow you to track play rates and student engagement, helping you understand how your videos are resonating with your audience. By monitoring opt-ins, you can gauge the effectiveness of your lead capture forms and landing pages. The product progress report lets you track how your customers are progressing through each product, giving you insights into their engagement and success.

If you offer offers or have an affiliate program, Kajabi's analytics can provide valuable information on offers sold, affiliate performance, commissions, and members referred. This data helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and identify areas for improvement.

Net revenue tracking gives you a clear picture of your daily earnings, taking into account refunds. It's a straightforward way to measure your financial success. And to evaluate the health of your subscription-based business model, Kajabi provides subscription metrics that analyze recurring revenue per user.

With Kajabi's flexible reporting options, you can filter reports by date and switch between daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly views. This allows you to track trends over time and gain a deeper understanding of your business's performance.

So, embrace the power of analytics with Kajabi. Explore the reports, analyze the data, and let it guide you in making data-driven decisions to grow and optimize your business.

Unlock the power of data-driven insights with Kajabi's robust analytics! Get started today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, By signing up, you'll not only gain access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course but also tap into the wealth of information provided by their advanced analytics. Track and measure key metrics, understand your audience's behavior, and make data-backed decisions to drive your business forward. With Kajabi's analytics, you'll have the tools to optimize your strategies and achieve remarkable results. Start harnessing the power of analytics—for free!


Funnel Building

Let's talk about the power of funnels in Kajabi. It's like magic with just one click! In the marketing tab, you'll find Funnels, which used to be called Pipelines and Blueprints. Now, it's Funnels - a name we can all understand. It's your one-click marketing solution.

With Kajabi's Funnels, you can create a variety of marketing processes with ease. Whether you want to set up a sales page with a checkout process and follow-up email sequence, plan a product launch, or give away a freebie, Kajabi has got you covered. It's all right there in the Funnels section.

Let's say you want to do a product launch.

  1. Just click "get started" and choose a catchy name for your funnel.
  2. Select the offer you want to promote, and voila, Kajabi builds it all for you!
  3. In just one click, Kajabi creates an opt-in page where people can sign up for your free workshop or whatever you're offering.
  4. They even set up the form and automation for you. And the best part?
  5. It's all customizable. You can tweak the opt-in page right there to align with your brand and messaging.

But that's not all - Kajabi goes above and beyond by creating a series of emails for you to send to your subscribers. You have the flexibility to adjust the content, subject lines, and timing of the emails. It's super convenient and saves you a ton of time.

And let's not forget about the video series. Kajabi has got you covered there too. They create a three-part video series as part of your launch. It's like a Jeff Walker style launch, building excitement and anticipation among your audience. The best part is that Kajabi seamlessly guides your audience to a checkout page tied to your offer. It's all connected and ready to go.

But wait, there's more! In the overview of your funnel, you have the freedom to add automations, tags, and landing pages. It's like a playground for customization. You can make it truly yours and tailor it to meet your specific needs and branding.

This is one of the things I absolutely love about Kajabi - its ability to get you up and running quickly. If you have a concept in mind, Kajabi can make it happen in a snap. Just one click, and you're on your way to success. So go ahead and explore all the possibilities with Kajabi's Funnels. It's time to have fun and unleash your marketing genius!

Say goodbye to complicated funnel setups and hello to simplicity with Kajabi's one-click funnel builder! Experience the ease and convenience with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, By joining, you'll not only gain access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course but also unlock the power of their one-click funnel builder. Effortlessly create high-converting sales funnels, opt-in funnels, and more with just a few clicks. No technical expertise required! Streamline your funnel creation process and start driving conversions like never before. Get started with the one-click funnel builder—for free!



Kajabi Automation revolutionizes your marketing campaigns. It's a user-friendly feature that lets you set up automated sales campaigns effortlessly. Custom triggers, upsell offers, and more are within reach.

The adjustable settings make Kajabi Automation convenient and customizable. Add or remove tags, place subscribers in different email sequences, and launch targeted marketing campaigns. It's all about convenience and personalization.

What sets Kajabi Automation apart is its focus on user behavior. It sends emails based on where people are in the process. For example, when a customer makes their first purchase, they're moved to a different email list and receive tailored emails as a valued customer. And if someone doesn't use a coupon, Kajabi will make a new offer to keep them engaged.

But Kajabi Automation goes beyond coupons and reminders. You can offer freebies like a free course to provide value and keep subscribers engaged. Plus, it helps you re-engage inactive students with automated email reminders.

Streamline your marketing efforts and create meaningful interactions with Kajabi Automation. Say goodbye to manual tasks and embrace automated success. Kajabi makes it easier for you to deliver valuable content to your customers.

Experience the convenience with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, By signing up, you'll not only gain access to my exclusive Kajabi Kickstart course but also unlock the full potential of Kajabi Automation. Set up automated sales campaigns effortlessly, personalize customer journeys, and deliver targeted marketing messages based on user behavior. Kajabi Automation puts your marketing on autopilot, saving you time and maximizing engagement.


SEO Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to SEO optimization, Kajabi has your back. Their search engine optimization (SEO) and sharing settings are designed to ensure that your website gets noticed by search engines and attracts users who are searching for your services.

The best part is, you don't need to be an SEO expert to optimize your content on Kajabi. They provide SEO-optimized tools that make it easy for both beginners and SEO-savvy professionals to create content that performs well in search engine results.

With Kajabi's SEO and sharing features, you can increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers. By optimizing your website, you improve its ranking in search results, making it easier for people to find your platform when they're looking for what you offer..

By crafting your website's language with SEO optimizations, supported in multiple languages, you ensure that your content is found more easily by those who need it. This means that your platform will attract the right audience and drive more traffic.

Take advantage of Kajabi's SEO-optimized tools and sharing features to make your platform stand out in search engine results.

Boost your online presence with Kajabi's SEO optimization. Start today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Their SEO tools and sharing settings ensure your website gets noticed by search engines, attracting users who are searching for your services. No SEO expertise required! Increase your chances of being discovered and drive more traffic with Kajabi's SEO optimization.


Software Integrations.

When it comes to software integrations, Kajabi has you covered. They understand the importance of seamless integration with popular tools to enhance your selling experience and automate your online business.

With Kajabi, you can effortlessly connect with well-known email marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip. This integration streamlines your email marketing campaigns, making them more efficient and eliminating the need for manual processes.

But the integration doesn't stop there. Kajabi offers integration with a variety of analytics and software tools. You can connect Google Analytics to gain valuable insights into your business performance. Tools like Zapier, Segment, and ClickFunnels can also be seamlessly integrated with your Kajabi course. And if you're running Facebook advertising campaigns, Kajabi allows you to connect with Facebook Pixel.

With Kajabi's integrations, you can take your online business to new heights. Say goodbye to manual work and embrace a more streamlined and rewarding experience for both you and your students. Let Kajabi and its range of integrated tools work their magic!

Note: Google Analytics is undergoing a transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. It is recommended to make the switch to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible and update your Kajabi account with the new tracking ID for a seamless data processing experience.

Seamlessly integrate your online business with Kajabi's software integrations. Get started today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Connect with popular email marketing tools like MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip to automate your campaigns. Integrate Google Analytics, Zapier, Segment, ClickFunnels, and Facebook Pixel for enhanced insights and performance. Let Kajabi and its range of integrations elevate your online business.


Your own Affiliate Program

With Kajabi, you can take your online courses to the next level by integrating affiliate marketing into your platform. This means you can have affiliates promote your courses on their websites, blogs, and social media pages, bringing in more exposure and sales for you.

Don't worry if you're not a tech expert. Kajabi provides all the tools you need to set up and promote your affiliate program. You can easily connect with affiliates who are eager to share your courses with their followers. It's a mutually beneficial partnership that expands your reach and boosts your earnings.

The power of social media is undeniable, and with Kajabi, you can tap into it by allowing affiliates to directly connect your courses to their followers. It's like a marketing match made in heaven, leveraging the influence and reach of others to drive more sales.

What's even better is that Kajabi makes managing your affiliates a breeze. Within the platform's admin dashboard, you can easily track their performance and calculate their commissions. No more manual calculations or headaches. It's all streamlined for your convenience.

And let's not forget about your affiliates. They have their own registration and login site on Kajabi, complete with a private dashboard where they can access their affiliate links and track their performance. It's all about making their lives easier and maximizing their potential.

So, if you're ready to boost your earnings and leverage the power of affiliate marketing, Kajabi is the platform for you. Get started and watch the commissions roll in. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Supercharge your online course sales with Kajabi's built-in affiliate program. Start today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Integrate affiliate marketing into your platform and have affiliates promote your courses, expanding your reach and increasing sales. Kajabi provides user-friendly tools to set up, manage, and track affiliate performance. Maximize your earnings and leverage the power of affiliate marketing with Kajabi.


CRM Customer Relations Management.

With Kajabi's handy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, managing your customers has never been easier. Think of it as your personal assistant, helping you communicate with your customers, track their behavior, and supercharge your marketing and product automation.

But that's not all! Kajabi goes a step further with its People Management feature, designed specifically for course instructors like you. In just a few clicks, you can access a bird's-eye view of all your amazing users. You can filter and see their purchase history, enrolled courses, and any special coupons they've used. It's all about having the right information at your fingertips.

And here's a time-saving trick: Kajabi allows you to sign up new users in bulk. No more adding them one by one. It's a stress-free way to onboard new customers efficiently.

But the magic doesn't stop there. You can select groups of users and send them relevant offers and information with just a few clicks. It's a seamless way to engage with your audience and provide them with personalized content.

As an administrator, you have full control. You can register students for events, revoke access once they've completed a course, and ensure a smooth user experience. It's all about staying organized and keeping your customers satisfied.

Whether you need to communicate with your customers, track their progress, or manage new sign-ups, Kajabi's CRM and People Management features have got you covered. It's customer management made easy, allowing you to stay organized and connected with your audience.

And let's not forget, with Kajabi's powerful CRM tool, you can create customer profiles, schedule follow-up emails, set up automated campaigns, and segment audiences. It's a comprehensive solution that keeps your business organized and connected.

Streamline customer management with Kajabi's powerful CRM. Get started today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Effortlessly communicate with your customers, track their behavior, and automate marketing and product processes. With People Management, gain a comprehensive view of your users, including purchase history and enrolled courses. Bulk sign-up, targeted offers, and event registration are just a few clicks away. Stay organized and connected with Kajabi's CRM.


Manage Your Team

When it comes to teamwork, Kajabi understands the importance of managing and organizing your team members. That's why they offer an awesome User Roles and Privileges feature to ensure smooth collaboration, especially when you have multiple instructors working together for a class.

With Kajabi, you have the power to assign different roles to your team members: Administrators, Assistants, and Support Specialists.

  • An Administrator is like your right-hand person. They have almost the same privileges as you, the course creator. They can initiate discussions, organize course information on the website, and handle various tasks. The only difference is that you, as the creator, have the ability to handle integrations with payment systems.
  • An Assistant, on the other hand, can modify and delete content from the website. They can assist with managing the course, but they won't have access to financial and analytics reports like Administrators do.
  • Lastly, the Support Specialist plays a crucial role in moderating student comments and discussions on the site. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and create a positive learning environment.

With Kajabi's User Roles and Privileges feature, you have the flexibility to assign specific roles to each team member based on their responsibilities and expertise. It's all about effective teamwork and collaboration.

So, whether you're working with a team of instructors or need assistance in managing your course, Kajabi's user-friendly roles and privileges have got your back. It's teamwork made easy, allowing you to collaborate seamlessly and achieve your course goals together.


Payment Integrations

When it comes to receiving payments for your online courses, Kajabi makes it quick and easy with its integration with Stripe and PayPal, two popular payment processors.

Personally, I recommend using Stripe for your online course purchases. It's user-friendly, simple to set up, and ideal for beginners on the platform.

But that's not allKajabi also offers its own payment solution called Kajabi Payments (beta). By using Kajabi Payments, you can streamline your workflow and increase conversions by offering your customers more ways to pay, all without relying on third-party payment integrations.

With Kajabi Payments, you can offer Apple Pay to boost conversion rates, accept, manage, and track payments directly within the Kajabi dashboard, and even offer Google Pay and Afterpay (coming soon). Plus, upcoming features like automatic sales tax calculation at checkout are in the works.

If you want to be among the first to access brand-new checkout features, you can apply to join the Kajabi Payments beta. Currently, the beta is exclusively available to US Kajabi Heroes, but you can join the waitlist to stay updated on availability for other regions.

With Kajabi's flexible payment processing options, you can offer a smooth and secure payment experience to your customers, increasing their satisfaction and maximizing your revenue.

Simplify payments for your online courses with Kajabi's integrated payment options. Start today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Integrate with Stripe and PayPal for seamless payment processing. Plus, explore Kajabi Payments (beta) to streamline your workflow, offer more payment options like Apple Pay, and manage payments directly within the Kajabi dashboard. Join the waitlist to access upcoming features and enhance the payment experience for your customers. Simplify payments and maximize revenue with Kajabi's payment integrations.


Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence with Kajabi's AI Creator Hub and AI Content Assistant.

In the AI Creator Hub, you'll find six powerful AI tools that can:

  • draft course outlines,
  • landing page copy,
  • social media posts,
  • and more in just seconds.
  • And the best part? It's all free on

With the AI Content Assistant, available in your Kajabi dashboard and the Creator app, creating content on Kajabi is faster than ever.

  • Simply enter your prompt, and the AI will generate a first draft immediately.
  • From website copy to course descriptions and sales emails, the AI Content Assistant has you covered.

And now, the Course Outline Generator is integrated with your Kajabi dashboard and the Creator app.

  • Once you've created an outline, simply click 'Apply' to populate your course outline on your site, allowing you to start customizing right away.

Harness the potential of AI to streamline your content creation process and elevate your online presence with Kajabi's AI tools.

Tap into the power of Artificial Intelligence with Kajabi's AI Creator Hub and AI Content Assistant. Start today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Discover six AI tools in the AI Creator Hub that can draft course outlines, landing page copy, social media posts, and more in seconds. Plus, the AI Content Assistant generates first drafts of website copy, course descriptions, and sales emails instantly. With integrated Course Outline Generator, you can populate your course outline on your site with a click. Streamline your content creation process and enhance your online presence with Kajabi's AI tools.


Kajabi Experts: Grow Your Business with Specialized Freelancers

Looking to take your business to the next level? Introducing the Kajabi Experts Marketplace beta, where you can connect with top-notch freelancers who have been carefully vetted by Kajabi to assist you in achieving your goals.

Joining the Kajabi Experts Marketplace gives you access to a pool of talented professionals who specialize in various areas, from website design and branding to course creation and marketing strategies. These experts have a deep understanding of the Kajabi platform and can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

The Kajabi Experts Marketplace beta ensures that you find freelancers who have undergone a rigorous selection process, guaranteeing their proficiency and commitment to excellence. You can have peace of mind knowing that you're working with professionals who understand your business and share your passion for success.

Join the Kajabi Experts Marketplace beta today and unlock a world of possibilities for your growth and expansion. Let our experts be your trusted partners in achieving your business goals.


What does Kajabi do for you? Exceptional Support and Resources

When it comes to supporting its users, Kajabi goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience. Let's dive into what they have to offer:

  1. 24/7 Support: Kajabi's support team is top-notch and ready to assist you anytime, day or night. With their expertise, you can get answers to your questions and resolve any issues quickly. It's like having your own personal support crew!
  2. Help Center: The Help Center is a user-friendly resource packed with tailored answers. It's designed to provide you with easy access to the information you need. From tutorials to FAQs, the Help Center has got you covered for all things Kajabi-related.
  3. Blog: Delve deeper into Kajabi's features and learn how to leverage them for business growth through their informative blog. Gain valuable insights and tips from experts who share their knowledge and strategies.
  4. Facebook Community: Join over 30,000 entrepreneurs in the vibrant Kajabi Facebook Community. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and find support as you build your digital business. It's a place to connect, learn, and cheer each other on.
  5. Webinars: Elevate your learning experience with Kajabi's live webinars. These interactive sessions allow you to gather valuable insights and success strategies from business owners who are thriving with Kajabi. Learn from the best and take your business to new heights.
  6. Kajabi Access: For users seeking a high-end support and premium experience, Kajabi offers Kajabi Access. This option provides enhanced features, including doubling the counts of key elements like funnels, email subscribers, and product slots. You'll also gain access to six 1:1 sessions with a Kajabi Customer Success Manager, the ability to use the Code editor on any plan, and early access to new releases and features.

And that's not all! Kajabi ensures a user-friendly platform with helpful tutorials and resources. The Kajabi Assistant bar, conveniently located at the top of the site, provides access to additional tutorials and guidance.

Whether you need immediate assistance through live chat support, want to explore the Help Center, stay up-to-date with the blog, connect with fellow entrepreneurs in the Facebook Community, or join inspiring webinars, Kajabi has your back every step of the way. They are committed to your success and providing the support you need to thrive.

Ready to experience the amazing support and resources Kajabi offers? Give it a try for free today and unlock the full potential of your business!

Experience exceptional support and valuable resources with Kajabi. Start today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Benefit from 24/7 support, a comprehensive Help Center, insightful blog posts, a vibrant Facebook Community, and interactive webinars. For an even more premium experience, explore Kajabi Access, which offers enhanced features and personalized support. With Kajabi's commitment to your success, you'll have the support and resources you need to thrive. Try it for free and unlock the full potential of your business!


Kajabi: Pros and Cons

Kajabi offers a range of benefits and features that make it a popular choice for online businesses. However, it also has a few limitations to consider. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of using Kajabi:

Pros of Kajabi:

  • User-Friendly: Kajabi is known for its ease of use and provides a great user experience.
  • Powerful Website Builder: The platform offers an intuitive and powerful website and landing page builder, allowing you to create stunning online spaces.
  • Easy Course Creation: Kajabi's course creator makes it simple to build and deliver online courses, enabling you to share your knowledge effectively.
  • Coaching Program Builder: You can easily create and manage coaching programs within Kajabi, making it convenient for offering personalized support.
  • Podcast Hosting: Kajabi provides an easy-to-use platform for hosting and distributing your podcasts.
  • Robust Email Marketing: The platform offers robust email marketing tools, allowing you to engage with your audience and nurture customer relationships.
  • Unlimited Video Hosting: Kajabi allows you to host and stream videos without any limitations, providing a seamless learning experience for your users.
  • Visual Funnel Editor: The visual funnel editor makes it easy to create and optimize marketing funnels, enhancing your sales and lead generation efforts.
  • Affiliate Advertising Possibilities: Kajabi offers flexible options for affiliate advertising, allowing you to expand your reach and increase sales through partnerships.
  • Partner Program: Kajabi has a great partner program that provides additional support and resources for users.
  • Extensive Training: The platform offers a wide range of Kajabi courses and in-depth training materials to help you make the most of its features.
  • Unified Design: Kajabi provides a unified design where you can access all the tools and features you need in one place.
  • No Transaction Fees: Kajabi does not charge transaction fees, meaning you only pay the fees from payment processors like Stripe or PayPal.
  • Great Value for Money: Considering its features and capabilities, Kajabi offers excellent value for money.


Cons of Kajabi:

  • Cost: The pricing of Kajabi can be prohibitive for small startups or those on a tight budget.
  • Limited Website Templates: The platform has a limited selection of website templates, which may impact customization options. You can always count on Kajabi Experts, like me, to help you creating an impactful and convertion optimized website.
  • Member/Course Area Customization: Kajabi's member and course areas have limited customization options, which may restrict your branding and design preferences.
  • No SMS Messaging for Marketing: Kajabi does not provide built-in SMS messaging for marketing purposes, necessitating the use of other communication channels.
  • No Direct Ecommerce for Physical Products: While you can integrate with platforms like Shopify and Wix, Kajabi does not support the direct sale of physical products on its platform.

Considering these pros and cons, it's important to assess your specific needs and priorities when deciding if Kajabi is the right fit for your business.


How much does Kajabi cost? Kajabi Pricing: What You Get for Your Investment

When it comes to building your online business, cost is always a consideration. Let's explore the pricing options and what you get with Kajabi.

Kajabi offers three plans: Basic, Growth, and Pro, starting at $149, $199, and $399 per month, respectively. But here's the exciting part - if you choose to pay annually, you can save even more. Now, you might initially see it as a significant investment, but think of it as the rent for your physical store or the central hub for ALL YOUR BUSINESS OPERATIONS.

Some people hesitate to start with Kajabi because they believe it's expensive. They think they can piece together different platforms to achieve similar results. However, let's take a closer look at what you actually need to create your digital business.

Consider this breakdown:

  • To start, you'd require a website, which could cost around $17 per month with a tool like Wix.
  • Then, you'd need an email marketing provider like Mailchimp for approximately $10 per month.
  • But don't forget the integration between your website and email marketing, which could be an extra $20 per month with Zapier.
  • Next, for sales funnels and pages, you might consider ClickFunnels at around $100 per month.
  • Hosting videos could be another $100 per month with Wistia.
  • And if you have courses to host, platforms like Thinkific ($39 monthly) or Kartra ($99 per month) come into play.

In total, you could end up paying close to $200 per month just to integrate all these tools and get your digital business up and running (not to mention the time spent learning and managing multiple platforms). That's where Kajabi shines as an all-in-one solution. You can create your website, sales funnels, email marketing, digital courses, memberships, blog, quizzes, and more - all in one place. No need to juggle and navigate between different software programs.

Once you learn how Kajabi works, you're set! Everything you need for your digital business is ready to go. When relying on multiple platforms, if something goes wrong, you'll be left wondering which technology failed. While Kajabi isn't flawless, the chances of issues are lower when everything is consolidated under one platform. And if you do encounter any difficulties, rest assured that their chat support is available to assist you. And you can always check the status of Kajabi’s operations here:

Now, here's the best part: How much does Kajabi take from your sales? Zero. While you'll still need to use payment processors like Stripe or PayPal (which typically charge around 3%), Kajabi itself only charges a monthly fee. That's it.

Let's dive into the details of Kajabi's paid plans: Basic, Growth, and Pro. Each plan comes with its own pricing and features.

  • With Kajabi Basic, you gain access to a wide range of features. You can create your course, upload various content, issue certificates, build a community, set up forums, lock specific content, analyze analytics, engage in SEO-based blogging, conduct transactions, and choose from different pricing options.
  • If you opt for Kajabi Growth or Kajabi Pro, you'll enjoy all the features of the Basic plan plus three additional unique features: affiliate marketing, white-labeling, and automation. White-labeling allows you to remove any Kajabi branding from your website, enhancing your marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing enables you to attract influencers to endorse your business and products, expanding your market reach. And automation empowers you to stay connected with your students, send emails, and engage with them on a more personal level.

Furthermore, Kajabi Growth and Pro plans include customer service. If you have any questions or encounter issues related to your chosen plan, their support staff is available to provide immediate assistance.

Unlock the full potential of your online business with flexible pricing options from Kajabi. Get started today with an extended 30-day trial using my affiliate link, Choose from three plans: Basic, Growth, and Pro, starting at $149, $199, and $399 per month, respectively. Save even more with annual billing. Consider the value of consolidating multiple platforms into one comprehensive solution. With Kajabi, you can create websites, sales funnels, email marketing, digital courses, memberships, blogs, and more - all in one place. Plus, Kajabi doesn't take a percentage of your sales, providing a straightforward pricing structure. Choose the plan that suits your needs and unleash the full potential of your online business with Kajabi.


Kajabi’s Competitors: Thinkific and Teachable

If Kajabi isn't the perfect fit for you, there are other online education platforms worth considering:

  • Thinkific: Thinkific is a popular and feature-rich platform that competes closely with Kajabi. It provides all the necessary tools for creating and managing online courses. You can customize your site design, set up quizzes and assessments, host videos and webinars, and even reward your students with certificates. However, Thinkific falls short in selling and marketing online courses, lacking a sales funnel builder and automated email options.
  • Teachable: Teachable is another solid option for an online course platform. Like Kajabi, it provides the tools needed to design and create engaging courses. You can add various content types, distribute course material over time, and create certificates for your students. Teachable excels in marketing tools, such as offering coupons and running your own affiliate marketing program. However, it has limitations in customization options, site themes, and page builders. It also lacks features like landing pages, sales funnels, and automatic email marketing found in Kajabi.

While Thinkific and Teachable have their strengths and weaknesses, Kajabi outshines them in overall capabilities. Kajabi offers a comprehensive platform that guides you through the entire process of setting up and growing your online business. With step-by-step tutorials, advanced features, and a client-centric approach, Kajabi provides a well-rounded learning experience. Additionally, Kajabi offers a vibrant online community for discussions and forums.

If you're seeking a reliable and feature-rich course platform, we highly recommend Kajabi. It's innovative, user-friendly, and packed with amazing features that go beyond course creation. From website building to email marketing automation, Kajabi has you covered.


Let’s Wrap Up with Kajabi

Kajabi is seriously impressive. It's way easier to use than expected and sparks creativity, opening up new money-making opportunities. Hosting webinars and running coaching campaigns? Kajabi can handle it all. Personally, I rely on it for everything, and it relieves a ton of stress with its tracking capabilities.

Whether you're overwhelmed with tools or just starting out, Kajabi is the ultimate all-in-one solution. It's simple, streamlined, and offers a single login to access its powerful features. People are making millions using Kajabi, and you can join them too.

Give it a try through my link at for a 30-day free trial and my Kajabi Kickstart course as a special bonus. If you become a paying member through my link, you'll support me without extra cost, and I'll throw in another bonus. Just let me know you signed up. Visit to discover the bonus.

If you're already rocking it on Kajabi, drop a comment below and share what you love about it. And don't forget to give me a shoutout if you use my link. I appreciate each and every one of you. Now go out there, make money, serve others, and have a blast with Kajabi by your side.

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Pick my brain or work live and learn the nitty-gritty behind Kajabi, while I do your tech-setup. Schedule a 1:1 consultation or consultation + implementation call. I'll answer your questions and teach you live while doing the work for you!

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