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Empowering NHAP Studio

Transforming NHAP Studio's Digital Journey through Kajabi Web Design, Business Coaching, and Webinar Funnel

Welcome to the digital transformation of NHAP Studio by Rosangela Viro. Through Kajabi expertise, I had the honor of reshaping NHAP Studio's digital journey, equipping it for growth and success. With a focus on Kajabi web design, strategic business coaching, and a webinar funnel, the project journey was one of empowerment and achievement.

Client: Rosangela Viro


Niche:  Interior and architectural design

Services offered:

  • Created a Custom Kajabi Web Design that resonates with NHAP Studio's brand.

  • Offered Strategic Online Business Launch 3-Month Coaching for a powerful start.

  • Designed an Engaging Webinar Funnel for a dynamic audience experience.

Kajabi Website Design

Webinar Funnel and System Pages

Webinar Room → Sales Page → Checkout → Thank you page

Kajabi Sales Funnel Design for Montserrat Bordas, El Arte de Dormir by Maria Cristal, Kajabi Expert
Kajabi Sales Funnel Design for Montserrat Bordas, El Arte de Dormir
Kajabi Web Design for
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My Clients experience:

Carola Leon - Certified Lactancy Consultant

Rosangela Viro

Thanks to María Cristal, I learned to digitize my services and increase my income. I now understand how to maximize earnings, reach new audiences, and stay connected with clients through various digital platforms. Working with María Cristal was transformative for my business—I sold my course and captured sales for my digitized design services. I highly recommend María Cristal to anyone starting their digital journey; her expertise, agility, and quick actions ensure a rapid return on investment.

- Rosangela Viro

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